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This section of our Help and Advice section should change with a fairly regular occurence, at least that's our intention. New updates as and when we stumble across something interesting.

Whilst writing up a tutorial using Premier Elements today I noticed something I thought a number of Partners may find very interesting especially those with an interest in displaying a large number of stills. I guess if I'd actually worked through the tutorial supplied with the application (which I've been recommending that everyone else should do) before simply using Premier I'd have come across this before.

If you have folder within your Media window into which you import your stills you can create a slideshow by simply selecting all the stills files, clicking on the More button (top RHS of Media window) and from the drop down menu selecting "Create Slideshow". There are a few options there including Image Duration (which you can change) as well as the option to apply "Default Transition" which I normally set as Cross Dissolve. You can also change the length of this transition should you wish. Clicking OK transfers all the selected stills to the
timeline at the image duration you've just defined and applies the transition if selected.

You're now free to instantly create a movie slideshow on DVD or whatever, or even continue editing...

{For those of you interested in the Adobe version of this article have a look at Tutorial 3 Section 6.}